Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dear Sprint Store and Best Buy Geek Squad... I Hate You.

Details as to why and the degree of my hatred is coming soon, but here's a preview. 

Actual conversation with the Geek Squad follows.  The member in question fits the description perfectly.  A tall, lanky awkward looking  man with large hands and feet he seems to trip over constantly.  When I approach the counter he's talking with another geek squad member about how he is about to be laid off because they are cutting hours at his store.  Immediately, I am relieved because his company loyalty is probably unwavering in his current set of circumstances.

Me: Sir.
Me: Sir. (louder)
(Still nothing)
Me: DUDE! (Embarrasingly loud.)

He ambles over, slowly... and his eyes look dead.  He could be stoned or he could just be dead inside.  I imagine being part of a team known as "The Geek Squad" could be soul crushing.

Me: I need to get to the files off this laptop today and the keyboard isn't working.
Geek Squad: Sure, we can send it into the manufacturer and have them take a look at it.
Me: Yeah, I need the files off of it today though.  Like, today.  So let's figure that out.
Geek Squad: Well if you get a new keyboard from the manufacturer, we only charge $50 to install it.
Me: I don't think you are hearing my words.  I need files.  Today.  Off this computer.  Today.
Geek Squad: I can call the manufacturer and find out how long it will take them once we ship it.
(Long Pause)
Me: The degree to which you are misunderstanding me is physically painful right now.
Geek Squad: Okay...

At press time, meaning about eight seconds from now my computer has not fixed and I am about as close to tears as I come in real life.  Sprint, you'll hear from me later.

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  1. looks like a technology shit show this weekend!