About Me

I'm a single mom who writes things down from time to time with the hope that others find it funny. I went to business school and even got a little piece of paper with the letters M, B, and A on them.  I worked in Corporate America for almost 10 years and my soul is still partially dead because of it.  JUST kidding former bosses.  (I'm not kidding!)

My personal life is rock solid.  I divorced a couple years back my experiences dating as an adult woman can alone provide hours of comedic relief.  My house is often messy, and I have an unhealthy obsession with shoes of all kinds, and I travel all over the country for my job. This page is about my life and the people who are unlucky enough to have me as a part of theirs.

I swear sometimes.  I use the eff word sometimes. Sometimes it is just necessary as a means of communicating effectively.

My goal is to make readers better each day with my humor and the comedy that just IS my life. I lead by example, as in "DON'T try this in your own life" kind of leadership.  I reply to spam mail, I wear t-shirts with dinosaurs on them, and I give advice with absolutely no qualifications to do so...

I do have the ability to write without swearing and you'll find my byline in several places if the eff word just isn't your cup of tea. Go HERE to find out more.  I also have a grown up job where I do try to change the world for the better with my writing.  This blog will not inspire and will probably make you worse for having read it.  In fact, I apologize if you are still reading it now.  Seriously.  Stop reading.

Contact me?  Okay.  But be warned... I am prone to posting the dumb ones.