I'll give you my email, but you should know the following:

1. I frequently post email chains and conversations so don't let it deter you I need content!  Just be warned that you may want to go ahead and use spell check... I highlight misspellings in yellow when I re-post.  
2. If you are writing to me to complain, I will delete it.  If you don't like what I write, don't read it.  That's the exact reason why I won't be reading your complaining email. 
3. If you are writing to tell me I'm awesome, don't limit your word count.  I need good news these days.  
4. If you are a female looking for love advice, I'm sorry in advance.
5. If you're a single male, regardless of your reason for writing, attach a photo and brief description.  See this post for the ideal.  

Given that, Email me!

PS: Blogger just gave me the following warning: "Be careful. Remember that any time you include an email address on a web page, nasty spammers can find it too."

Bring it spammers... 

1 comment:

  1. Nice blog. Your email link is broken apparently. Hmmm

    I'll just post it instead...

    This blog is fantastic (effintastic even.) It's fun to read and I bet it's fun to right (highlight that lol.) I kept walking to and from my computer debating whether I should say anything for fear would feel the author would be empowered by it. That is not my intent This might be something I should avoid, but I'm not going to. I am not seeking anyone or anything. It's not required to be intelligent to avoid naivety, as I have experienced.I could comment that I am something I am not. I could even put a photo on the internet of someone I am not. I use one space after my periods, not two. I have also read the dictionary and thesaurus from front to back. Maybe I don't get out much...or maybe I do. I like Black Sabbath and beer and I always have, my IQ is probably almost as high as the author of this blog and I struggle these days to find people who can spell, use grammar, punctuation and do simple arithmetic.I am not single. I am not looking. I am not better than anyone. People are smarter and more skilled in ways
    that I'm not and vice-verse. The perfect relationship has the perfect balance. After the selfishness is replaced with complete empathy and selflessness, which is not easy to uphold. Few things inspire me to write something like this. It's very honest and forward enough to make the messages clear. Not everyone has that gift, but everyone is gifted in their way.This is what I would like to offer as a sincere compliment and respect for what you (yep I said it) say on your blog. It is very insightful and very inciteful both. I hope to continue this hereafter.

    Thank you again and sincerely,