My PG Bylines

I don't always run my potty mouth.  I contribute to larger society meaningfully AND I pay my taxes.  As a full time mother, writer, and radio host, who trains for a variety of endurance athletic events I have several projects that keep me busy.  Here's where you'll see my byline, in addition to Eff and Other Words, and why that's pretty rad.  Also, you can find me on Twitter and Facebook.

Leaving a path is my grown up writing blog where I talk about my training and my life.  It's far more serious and morose and probably why I drink in the first place.  I have amazing friends, family, and kinds and I talk about them a lot and what inspires me. 

Spartan Race Blog - As Brand Manager for Spartan Race, Inc. I also serve as the blog editor, head writer, and content manager for Spartan Race.  An international obstacle racing company where trail running meets obstacle course it challenges the most practiced endurance athlete but also provides a unique racing opportunity for anyone willing to come out, push themselves and find their finish line. Over 100,000 people will experience their first Spartan Race in 2011 and with over 600,000 Facebook fans, it's becoming one of the fastest growing racing series in the world. We'll be racing in over 31 cities in 2012 with participation from celebrities, Olympic athletes, our staff, and people from all walks of life who want to work hard and have some fun.
Spartan Chicked - I am the founder and one of the originating member of Spartan Chicked.  It's a movement born in the Spartan Race arena dedicated to female endurance athletes and enthusiasts that promotes health, well-being, and participation in endurance sports. "Chicking" a term used in the racing world where a woman passes a man encourages women to find and pursue their best selves and maybe even pass a few boys along the way.  With networking, encouragement, and community we are bringing thousands of women together and showing them what they are capable of accomplishing.
Rad Racing.  I started the company in 2011 and it serves as the hub for Spartan Radio, where I host a weekly show.  The mission of Rad Racing is to actively promote traditional and non-traditional endurance athletics at every opportunity, provide a hub of information, consulting services, and an overall commitment to excellence in the sports associated with endurance athletics The Mud Mafia is a running team I started back in October of 2010 as a way for friends and family to come together and train, race, and socialize in a supportive network of other runners who truly enjoyed it. We started with eight runnersin an event in November 2011 and as of April 2011 we'd grown to 60 members, establishing the First Generation Mud Mafia Family. We currently have over 2,000 racing miles and nearly 200 runners from California to Connecticut Indiana to Texas and in Canada and overseas.  The growth has given us the opportunity to represent in all areas of endurance events.  Ultras, road racing, Ironman, trail running, XC, snow shoeing, obstacle racing, mud runs, and fun runs.  You name it, we do it and we do it as a family.  Find us on Twitter and Facebook.  

Keeping it Clean is a place where I can talk about all things health and nutrition!  I LOVE cooking and making up recipes on the fly and my blog on mainstream clean-eating is a place to find fun recipes I develop that are about more than just food.  They are about people and relationships and stories from my life I want to remember and share with those I love around my kitchen table. 
Food and family often go hand in hand and teaching our kids how to appreciate, choose, and prepare healthy food options is a gift that will keep on giving through
out their lifetimes.  I focus on how to maintain a budget conscious approach to clean eating that's delicious, easy to keep up and lots of fun too!
Clock Blocking is a term I coined a few months back with a good friend - Jim Collison - while training for a marathon.  I even wrote a blog post outlining the idea and the history.  It's become a fun topic of conversation for my running circle and our site is a place where runners and non runners alike can come together and share their tragic clock blocking tales.  The idea of clock blocking has also brought out some other running themes I'm passionate about - shorty shorts and the concept of getting "chicked."  These are the things that keep me up at night... 

Where you can't find me? Well, don't follow me in your cars, try to track me down in the phone book (do they still have phone books?) or come to my house.  I have a permit and a large dog (well, my dog is a Golden Retriever and she basically is afraid of everything but she's big.)