Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I’m a blogger. A creator of new content and a voice in a sea of millions.  My shit is hard enough to find as it is, but the proposed SOPA legislation would make that even more real and even more lame. 

I don’t know HOW to black out my blog because I can barely use my iPod, but if I could I would except that it would be like any other day with my mom and four friends reading my drivel. 

Internet piracy is bad.  I get that.  In fact, I think something needs to be done.  But if you censor the internet, the pirates still win and the joy of “Eff” will be lost to the world.   I will be DAMNED if I will live in a world where Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest are no longer.  Pinterest alone is hours of daily entertainment for me. 

Don’t let the government stifle the independent artists ability to speak out and speak up and for God’s sake… to drop the Eff bomb.  That’s right.  The Eff bomb.  It will become censorship-alooza.   I say FUCK THAT.  What do you say?


Who’s striking and why?  Find out HERE. 

Want to do something about it? Go HERE.

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