Thursday, September 19, 2013

Adult Women’s Rules to Dating: Volume II

I am limiting this post to two things.  Because they are two big ones. This isn’t gender biased.  It goes both ways.  I’ve had no coffee yet today and so I’ll be brief and quite irritable about it.

No-Cheating7. As an adult man/woman, I will not tolerate cheating.  If he/she cheats.  They’re a cheater.  And you’re not special if they cheat WITH you.  (And if you contribute to the cheating knowingly, you pretty much suck too.)  Because if they cheat with you, they could just as easily cheat against you.  Cheating is telling.  It’s telling you to walk away.  Or run, fast.  Bitch slapping first is acceptable.  (Or throwing a drink in their face.  I’ve always wanted to do that.)

8.  As an adult man/woman I will not tolerate lying. If he/she lies.  They are a liar.  There is a difference between telling you you look cute in your footie jammies when clearly that’s dumb and where he spent his Friday night when he doesn’t get home until 3 AM when it was supposed to be 11, well… you know the distinction.  Don’t be fooled, or worse, don’t fool yourself and make it okay.  And if you ARE wearing footy jammies.  It’s dumb.  Take them off.

Bottom line: Liars and cheaters aren’t worth your time, energy, or attention.  

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