Monday, July 18, 2011

Katya-isms: the Quintessential Nonsense for Everyday Badassery

Picture3*Warning: This post does contain some language and references to me nearly peeing my pants with laughter.  The language part is sort of to be expected, but the peeing is gross.* 

My friend Katy McCabe is a wise Marine and on my Dream Team of advisors.  She is forever inspiring me with her one-liners.  They will be housed in a book one day… I’d like to have it start here.  (That way I get some of the proceeds). 

But for real, she’s awesome.  (The next few sentences are shameless plugs for her.)  Katy has a blog -  She is a sponsored athlete and just launched her own website –  McCabe is a Glamazon and all-around amazing chick, she’s running some races with me this year and she is forever making me laugh so hard I do very frequently feel as though I may actually pee my pants.  Ask her about peeing your pants.  There’s a good story there.  That’s real and I just used the word "pee" four times in one paragraph.
Here are a few Classic Katya-isms:
In reference to a recent photo shoot she stated, "One glass of Pinot Noir and I was topless."

Advice for when the going gets tough, “‎When shit gets hard, take off your pants and put on a skirt."

Relationship advice, “Do what feels great to you.  Talk shit to men, get naked with others.  Do you.”

When I told her I was going out this weekend (a rarity) her instruction was, “Sit on a man’s face tonight.” 

I’m pretty sure that she’s one the smartest women I’ve ever known, and NO I won’t tell you if followed her instruction.  We aren’t at that stage of our blogger/reader relationship yet.


  1. Katy, this comment is to tell you you're awesome and to test to make sure the functionality exists. But more to tell you you're awesome.

  2. Carrie...this comment is to reciprocate your awesomeness and to tell you that the function does indeed work but that you are supes awesomeballz yourself.