Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why Hallmark Should Never Let Me Write Their Greeting Cards

So, my dad sends me this email that says, "You are creative.  Win the 5 grand?"  With an attachment to a Hallmark "Everyday special Occasion contest". 

Basically, the contest has you "fill in the blank" for the statement below:
____________ is my everyday special occasion.  

Never one to have too many touching moments front of mind I went with something far more comparable to what happens at my house and what I imagine is far more prevalent in the every day special occasion playbook of most of the moms and families I know. I know, you can't even imagine what I would come up with here...

Here is my photo and official response:
Family Dinnertime is my everyday special occasion. 

As a working, single mom, I cherish the moments I get to spend with my two girls.  In my house, we share healthy family dinners together each night and my daughter Caitlyn especially enjoys these quality moments that we experience around the table.  Our days take us in a thousand different directions and family dinners are the one time of day where we can enjoy each other without distraction.  My girls look forward to this uninterrupted time with me where we share the stories of our day and our time spent apart.  Just one look at their smiling faces and I know that we are truly connecting in these precious times that pass by so quickly.  Fleeting moments shared between mother and daughters with a nutritious home cooked meal and eager conversation.  (In this case dinner was cheese slices and bacon.)

I won't be holding my breath for a check for $5,000 to arrive in the mail.

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