Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Skype Dating... When Easy Access is Hard to Manage (and I have to shower)

That's woman is not me.
I never look that cute, even
when I try.
My SO (Significant Other) lives in another state and in order for us to "see" each other on a regular basis, we use Skype.  Being apart is challenging and I miss him a lot but there are a few perks to out of state domestication.  One of those major benefits in having a long distance relationship and being a writer who works at home is my ability to not have to ever really get dressed up, wash my hair, apply make-up or leave the comfort of my sweat pants or shorts.  I don't wear bras around the house, and my toenails regularly go unpainted.  I appreciate that he won't see through our smart phones the fact that I'm wearing socks that don't match, or that my shorts have a hole up the side, or that my hair's frizz level has it's own zip code.

I regularly walk the sidelines of my daughter's soccer games in running capri pants and t-shirt or tank top with a high ponytail.  On good days I've got lip gloss and mascara on.  Ironically, and as we try desperately to NOT yell at each other's kids on the field, I stand side by side with the women I used the be.  The women who arrive straight from their offices in suits and blouses, skirts, and heels. I, on the other hand, am usually headed to the gym so I have on my Chucks or running shoes, soccer sandals or, on occasion, no shoes at all.

In the early courtship stages of my burgeoning relationship I've been able to avoid the need to look adorable 24/7 and limit the effort to the weekends we get to see each other that have (sadly) been few and far between.  There are days I firmly believe he wouldn't recognize me if we passed on the street and he would probably run screaming in the other direction if he saw me.  It is, however sad, somewhat convenient for my lackadaisical ways.

Skype has changed all that...

My SO and I regularly chat via Skype and often late at night and what he doesn't know is that frantically before our calls I am showering, applying make-up, flat ironing or curling my hair, finding a cute outfit that looks like I'm not trying to dress up but I am anyway.  It's the only time of day that I am actually pulled together.  While there are no annoying LOL's and emoticons when using Skype, there are some drawbacks outside of just my needing to practice regular hygiene.

Gone are the days when a girl could talk dirty to her guy in lounge pants and a sports bra all the while describing the naughty lacy lingerie she pretended to be taking off while they spoke.  Gone are the simple times when you could fake an orgasm while simultaneously watching Law and Order and eating cookie dough ice cream.  Oh, and did I mention I have to wear an oh-so-sexy headset while we chat?  Yeah... that's hot.

I realized how far I'd let things go when my nine-year-old asked, "Mom, why do you only comb your hair at night?"

Ouch.  Fair, but still ouch.

Can't a girl neglect some primping for the sake of convenience and time management?  Apparently not.  Thanks Skype... now I am off to shower and spend the next four hours getting ready for my date.

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