Monday, March 19, 2012

Confessions of a Bacon Lover

My Facebook wall is a veritable museum of bacon goodness.  A wonderland, really.  Friends regularly post bacon products, pictures, and recipes to my wall, which delights me to no end.  

A friend recently sent me a Bacon Swag bag full of bacon candy, popcorn, thick cut maple fusion bacon strips, and my new favorite t-shirt!  Style points go to a guy who recently gave me 5lbs of bacon on our first date. 

I was asked today, and not for the first time, “What is the deal with you and bacon?  Do you really love it that much?” 

The short answer is: YES, I love bacon.

Here is a slightly longer version and by no means is it a soapbox manifesto either.  The bottom line is that I am a meat eater.  I eat meat and of all kinds.  I also eat their babies.  I love eggs and eat them every morning.  I’m raising a new generation of bacon lovers in my children who also adore the meaty treat.   My daughter Cate’s favorite lunch is grilled cheese with bacon sandwiches.  She just saw me add this picture and said (while using jazz hands) “Yay!  Me with bacon!” 

I buy bacon in bulk and I sometimes cover it in ketchup or Maple syrup.  I grill it on tin foil because it tastes even more delicious that way.  I marinade bacon.  I have been known to spend an afternoon coming up with recipes. 

If given the choice between bacon and any sweet dessert on the planet, I will always choose the bacon.  Always. 

There is bacon flavored lollipops, beer, jerky, candy, and bacon scented candles!  THEY MAKE BACON LUBE.   Bacon adorns the top of cupcakes, is dipped in chocolate and rolled in sugar.  Just writing this post is making me hungry. 

So, YES, I really do love it that much.  I love bacon. 

Before you send me hate mail:

  • YES, I own those panties.
  • NO, that’s not my ass. 
  • I don’t read hate mail.  I do delete it though so please waste your time.
  • I eat bacon in moderation… I am not a walking heart attack.
  • I’ve read “The Jungle” by Upton Sinclair. 
  • I’m a HUGE Scott Jurek fan.
  • I won’t ever be a vegan or vegetarian so don’t tell me why I’m wrong and you’re right if you are. 
  • I eat meat because I find it to be delicious.  Especially bacon. 


  1. That has too be the best quote of the year!!! "I eat meat and of all kinds. I also eat their babies"

    1. Why thank you. Feel free to share it with those you love.