Monday, February 13, 2012

Eff Valentine’s Day: My Rant for YOU

Rose On Wood BWI know what you’re thinking… here comes a Valentine’s day fuckfest of a rant from an angry, bitter, and perpetually single white woman.  And I won’t pretend I didn’t start and delete a post like that about a dozen times, but that’s really not my message.  So, I’ll rant, and I’ll rail a bit, but it’s not against anyone, especially not mankind.  My rant is actually for you.  So suck it, Valentine’s Day.  It’s not about you anymore. 

For all the singles out there, the women who are drinking wine from a box and watching “Love Actually,” crying into their pillows, longing for the warmth and the love of another in between Kleenex drenched sobs.  (I’m not sure what manic single men turn to… that’s always been my signature move so insert your sad routine here, guys.)

For anyone who has been cheated, lied to, disappointed, played, humiliated, taken for granted, who feel like it’s their fault, and who play it out over and over in their heads. 

For everyone who is separated from love by miles, by obligation, or by tragedy.

For the unhappily married or in relationships that spend nights wondering if this is the best their life will ever be, if this is the best they will ever have it or that don’t even know themselves anymore. 

For anyone who will have their heart broken tonight.  For anyone who had them broken yesterday, last week, the ones who will have their hearts broken in the morning.

For the happy people, you know, the the ones we call “the lucky ones” who will get rings, or wine, or the best night of their lives today. You give us hope in the exact same proportion as you often give us nausea, but we won’t hate you for it (well, we will a little).  And I can’t promise I won’t hope you get fat from all the chocolate and pasta eating.

For the damaged.  The emotional.  The bitter.  The angry.  The insecure.

For everyone who has ever been horrified to realize suddenly that they’re lonely.  That they are empty and would give anything not to be.

I tell you this simply: you’re not alone.  We’ve all been the sad, the lonely, the lost, the disappointed, the marginalized, and the overwhelmed.  And dammit if it doesn’t suck admit we’ve all been the deliriously happy one too.  It’s all fleeting, even when it seems like right now it’s too much to bear.

So, get up!  (But don’t spill your wine!)  I declare that this Valentine’s Day to be all about self love and I don’t mean with a battery operated device, but that certainly is encouraged too. So, whoever you might be today, make this day yours. 

I plan on spending the evening eating with my girls and at the gym sweating it out with the other soulless singles. And when I get home, I’m opening an expensive bottle of Cabernet, getting into a hot tub, and blaring my iPod player at an unnecessary volume.  I might even sing via hairbrush microphone for a few of the Adele songs.  I haven’t decided…

Happy Valentine’s Day.


  1. A wonderful post, Carrie. Truly. I enjoyed it very much

  2. I know I am late to this party, just reading this now, but great blog post :)