Sunday, December 25, 2011

BACK to the Thunderdome: Seriously… how’d you get my 20?

detective-work1-269x300In the longstanding (about two months worth) of my replying to spam emails has it has taken me on quite a journey.  From finding my perfect match in the love department to my option of entering the truck driving world with CB handle “Mad Maxine.”  I wrote about the original truck driving email and my subsequent reply… and once again, I was met with a response from the other side.  It got me thinking and since I can only assume his interests mirror my own I shared them with him… we’ll call him Gil.  But it’s not his real name.
At this point, I’d like to point out the the spelling errors are NOT mine.  I chose to leave them in so you can fully appreciate the interaction with the highest level of authenticity.  I’ve even highlighted them for your convenience.
Dear Mis Adams,
I receivd your email and I just need to tell the dept. if you’ll be coming to the class.  No other emails are necessary.  Just call the number on the original message if you are interested to Deb or Phil.  I’m not sure how your email was put on the list. 
I knew, immediately, that I needed to respond because he explicitly asked me not to.
Dear Sir,
Thank you for the email.  I’ve added it to my database for random messages later.  I have a great one in my inbox I think you might like that if you don’t send to 11 friends within 11 minutes your arm will fall off…
I digress… to keep you updated as to the status of my inquiry, I’m not going to pursue a career as a truck driver but astumblr_lcekkbKYZa1qf5bwjo1_500 I’m piecing this email mystery together and how your organization came to have it, I’ve made space in my basement as a makeshift evidence wall. I watch a GREAT deal of NCIS and feel qualified to construct what I believe to be the cause of the email leak.  I can only assume my email was captured from one of the two places I’ve handed it out in the last six months. 
There was the time at Chipotle when I put in my business card for a free lunch and when I bought a sweater at Ann Taylor Loft in September and asked to receive emails of special deals and discounts.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to give it to her but she was pushy about it and I didn’t want to be rude so I gave it to her. 
With all the evidence we have so far, I’m guessing one of two things happened.  First of all,I did NOT win the Chipotle lunch that week so when my card was discarded in the trash anyone could have taken it from there and sold it to any number of email identity rings.  OR, the pushy woman from Ann Taylor Loft may have immediately left the cash register after the sale and proceeded to hand off my email into the black market that is tied to the interwebs. 
As this mystery unfolds, and I discover the identify of the asshole who leaked my email address I’ll make you aware as I imagine this is keeping you up at night as well and your inbox welcomes these messages and the gravity that they bring with them. That being said, does your school have a Criminal Justice program….
Looking forward to our future correspondence,
Carrie (But you can still call me Mad Maxine.  The handle grew on me.)

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